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Algérie Presse Service - 01/12/2002

L'Algérienne Des Eaux (Ade), a tool to centralize the water management

Created in April 2001, "L'Algerienne des Eaux (Ade)", which is a performing and regulating tool at the national level , does not deal with ''the daily" but with medium and long terms problems and achievements, that emerges from talks with the Ade general manager, Mr Maamar Boumediene. Presenting the Ade and its part in the drinking water supply Mr Boumediene indicated that a governmental decision dating from November 2001 dissolves all the national companies of water to gather within the Ade following ''a total malfunctioning and a lack and even an absence, of harmonisation between them''.
These ones composed of nine (9) Epe (companies of water production), of 21 Epedemia (companies of water production for households and industry), of 935 local authority controls as well as the agency of drinking water (Agep).
The Ade runs besides the 1.600 drillings destined to the Aep (drinking water 48 units disseminated in five regions determined according to hydrographical basins (Algiers, Oran, Ouargla, Chlef and Constantine). Now, units are living though payment crises such as Batna or Djelfa recently, Mr Boumediene stressed recalling

that these units ''does not sell water, they are only but distributing it''. Explaining these crises, the Ade manager stressed that 2.420.000 ''subscribers'' (replaced by the term clients), 650.000 clients are at the fixed rate while 700.000 at 800.000 others are not known (illicit diversions). Illustrating this reflection on the financial crises of Ade units, Mr Boumediene disclosed that in the commune of Birkhadem (Algiers) not less than 1.600 illicit branch pipes were detected by the Ade services. He indicated besides that the price of the cubic metre of water cost to the state 40/50 Da which pays the necessary investments while the consumers pays only 19 Da/m3.
The general manager pointed out that the mobilisation of water resources through the emergency programme launched in December 2001, requires 32 billions Dinars for the inter-connection of dams of Boukerdane (Tipaza), Bouroumi (Blida) and Ghrib (Ain Defla) and the achievement of sea water desalination units to reinforce the Aep of Algiers.... An authorisation of programme, available for the year 2003, amounts to 400/500 billions Dinars and besides a payment

credit of 50 billions Dinars must backed up,he said, estimating that ''the state efforts must be completed by a sound and efficient management''. A credit of one billion Dinars, among which 600 millions were executed, was released for the purchase of water meters before the private national company A.m.c The same manager stressed that a new form of approach before the consumer is undertaken such as the 200 equipped vans which go up and down the cities to seal off the water leaks and intervene in partnership with the small private companies where it is necessary. On another hand, Mr Boumedienne declared that an equipment programme of 2.56 billions Dinars which is to endow 45 units with modern laboratories to instantly analyse water before its distribution. He said that 28 cast in one piece unites of water desalination are under survey or achievement among which some are already delivered and others will be delivered on December. According to him, ''The Epeal holds four (4) billions Dinars of debts, important debts without forgetting the drastic cut of 20 PC in its turnover for the purification and four (4) per cent for the special fund of water.

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