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Algérie Presse Service - 27/04/2004

New Government Appointed

The presidency of the Republic issued Monday the following statement:
"The President of the Republic, Minister of National Defence, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, at Head of Government Ahmed Ouyahia's instigation, has issued a presidential decree appointing the new government members, in compliance with article 79 of the Constitution. The government is made up of:

  • Ahmed Ouyahia, Head of Government,
  • Noureddine Yazid Zerhouni, Minister of the Interior and the Local Communities,
  • Abdelaziz Belkhadem, Minister of Foreign Affairs,
  • Tayeb Belaiz, Minister of Justice
  • Abdellatif Benachenhou, Minister of Finance,
  • Chakib Khelil, Minister of Energy and Mining,
  • Abdelmalek Sellal, Minister of Water Resources,
  • Noureddine Boukrouh, Minister of Trade,
  • Bouabdallah Ghlamallah, Minister of Religious Affairs and Waqfs,
  • Mohamed Cherif Abbas, Minister of Moudjahidine (war veterans),
  • Cherif Rahmani, Minister of Town Planning and Environment,
  • Mohamed Maghlaoui, Minister of Transports,
  • Boubekeur Benbouzid, Minister of National Education,
  • Said Barkat, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development,
  • Amar Ghoul, Minister of Public Works,
  • Mourad Redjimi, Minister of Health, Population and Hospital Reform,
  • Khalida Toumi, Minister of Culture,
  • Boudjemaa Haichour, Minister of Communication,
  • Mustapha Benbada, Minister of Small and Medium Enterprise and Craft Industry,
  • Rachid Harraoubia, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research,
  • Amar Tou, Minister of Posts and Information and Communication Technologies,
  • Abdelaziz Ziari, Minister of Youth and Sports,
  • El Hadi Khaldi, Minister of Vocational Training and Education,
  • Mohamed Nadir Hamimid, Minister of Housing and Urban Development,
  • El Hachemi Djaaboub, Minister of Industry,
  • Tayeb Louh, Minister of Labour and Social Security,
  • Djamal Ould Abbas, Minister of Employment and National Solidarity,
  • Mahmoud Khoudri, Minister of the Relations with the Parliament,
  • Smail Mimoune, Minister of Fisheries and Halieutic Resources,
  • Mohamed Seghir Kara, Minister of Tourism,
  • Daho Ould Kablia, Minister for the Local Communities reporting to the Interior Minister,
  • Abdelkader Messahel, Minister for Maghreb and African Affairs reporting to the Foreign Minister,
  • Nouara Saadia Djaafar, Minister for Family and Women's Affairs reporting to the Head of Government,
  • Sakina Messaadi, Minister for the National Community Abroad reporting to the Head of Government,
  • Karim Djoudi, Minister for Financial Reform reporting to the Finance Minister,
  • Rachid Benaissa, Minister for Rural Development reporting to the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development,
  • Souad Bendjaballah, Minister for Scientific Research reporting to the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research,
  • Abderrachid Boukerzaza, Minister for the City reporting to the Minister of Town Planning and Environment,
  • Yahia Hamlaoui, Minister for Participation and Promotion of Investments reporting to the Head of Government.

Besides, in compliance with article 78 of the Constitution, the President of the Republic appointed Ahmed Noui, Secretary General of the Government.


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